Sunday, March 13, 2011

Managers and their influence on employee's quality of work life

What are the three main reasons people leave a workplace? According to this article in the Times, here they are:
  1. They don't feel a connection to the mission of an organization or sense that their work matters.
  2. They don't really like or respect their co-workers
  3. They have a terrible boss
Some places could have all three of these issues. I would also add that, in some cases, people who face with these circumstances decide NOT to leave a workplace. Perhaps, this could be more detrimental to an organization as a whole.

It turns out Google has a project called "Oxygen". They have more than 100,000 observations about Google managers across more than 100 variables. More importantly, Google uses the results as a feedback to develop training modules for their worst-performing managers. In the end, Google came up with 8 good behaviors:

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